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The Internet is growing faster than ever before. The amount of information presented is beyond human comprehension. Even simple search requests return tens of thousands of results. That's why it requires intelligent search tools like Toweya to find the right information. Our incremental searching enables you to refine your search query step by step until you reach the final results. And the results presented by Toweya are not ranked by any commercial objectives.

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Toweya wants to present accurate and the most relevant information. The only way to do that requires that we build our own, proprietary search index. This means that an estimated 1 trillion ( links, related to an estimated 100 billion documents, must be analyzed, classified, catalogued and kept up-to-date. To accomplish this task we call "Harvesting", Toweya needs your help. By downloading our Distributed Harvester Client software you will join our network of enthousiasts in an effort to build a new search engine that will change the world!

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Many subjects like big data analysis, classification, semantics, linguistics, philology require a new strategy of application before they can be translated into practical. Share your views, ideas, remarks and suggestions so we can include them in our developments.

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